Hot Sauce

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  • Dat’l Do-it PEPPER PATCH Hot Sauce Gift Set 5flavors 23fl.oz. (680mL)


    Assorted Hot Sauces in an attractive Gift Set Net Wt. 23fl.oz. (680mL) Chipotle, Datil, Cayenne, Habanero, Jalapeno

  • Ghost chili pepper – The hottest pepper in the world!!! 1,000,000 Heat Laval


    2006 Guinness book of world records chili pepper The hottest pepper in the world Now you can grow your own…

  • Cajun Injector Louisiana Brand Hot Sauce Kit


    Cajun Injector's Louisiana Brand Hot Sauce Kit contains 3 ounce sizes of jalapeno, habanero, roasted pepper, roasted garlic, red chili,…

  • Hotter Than Ghost Pepper Scorpion Habanero Hot Sauce Wicked Nightmare Extract


    Chili Pepper Extract over 2,000,000 scoville, HPLC tested and verified Scorpion Hot Sauce World's Hottest Hot Sauce

  • Ghost Pepper and Habanero Hot Sauce 4 Pack Wicked Tickle


    Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce Gift Set Habanero Hot Sauce 4 Bottles of the Hottest Hot Sauce

  • Arizona Gunslinger Hot Sauce – 3 Variety Gift Pack (15 Oz)


    Variety Pack 3 Flavors - Jalapeno, Green Jalapeno, Chipotle Habanero 3 5 oz bottles

  • Huy Fong Sriracha Chili Sauce, 28 Ounce (Pack of 6)

    $28.99 $26.58

    Huy Fong Sriracha Ht Chli Sauce (12x28OZ ) BGLBG14393

  • Dave’s Gourmet Sauce, 5 Ounce

    From: $10.00 From: $9.99
  • Tears of the Sun, 5.4 Ounce


    2011 Hot Pepper Award - Best Over All Hot Sauce Blend of habanero peppers and tropical fruit It's fruity, spicy,…

  • Marie Sharp’s Hot Sauce 6 Pack


    Marie Sharp's Hot Sauce comes in a pack of 6 Marie Sharp's FIERY Habanero Pepper Sauce HOT Habanero Pepper Sauce,…

  • Reaper Sling Blade Hot Sauce – Made with the Carolina Reaper!


    Made with The Carolina Reaper Pepper 5 oz.

  • Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce Wicked Tickle XXX Wax Sealed with Skull and Wings, Extra Hot, Among the World’s Hottest, Hot Sauce Gift


    Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce Bhut Jolokia Hot Sauce, Extra Hot, Wicked XXX hot sauce World's Hottest Sauce, Hot Sauce Gift

  • Sriracha Mini Keychain Combo Pack – 1.69oz Original Sriracha2Go and 1oz Mini-S2G (Shipped Empty)


    One Mini-S2G is the perfect size to fit on your key ring so that you're always prepared for those meals…

  • Yellowbird Hot Sauce 9.8 Oz Combo Pack


    All Natural Ingredients Goes well with just about any food you can think of Can't decide on one? Try all…

  • Gift Set – A Christmas Story Hot Sauce Set


    Gift Set - National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation Holiday Hot Sauce 6 3 oz Bottles of Hot Sauce With Names of…

  • Desert Fire Hot Sauce Collection, 36 Fl Oz, 12 Count

    Desert Fire hot sauce collection 12 different hot sauces

  • Ass Kickin Mini Bottle 4-Pack


    Get all four of our Mini Bottle Ass Kickin' Hot Sauces in this four pack. Mini Ass Kickin' Original Hot…

  • Some Like It Hot! Make Your Own Hot Sauce

    $28.95 $25.95

    Challenge your tastebuds Test the bounds of hot sauce technology Use the recipes or create your own!

  • Hell’s Kitchen Hot Sauce Collection Holiday Sampler Gift Set

    Hell's Kitchen Hot Sauce Collection Holiday Sampler Gift Set Includes 5 bottles of assorted hot sauces

  • The Source Hot Sauce, 7.1 Million Scoville Units


    Hottest extract on earth Use only as food additive Hundred pots of chili in one ounce

  • Deluxe Hot Sauce Making Kit – Includes Everything Needed to Make 6 Sauces


    FATHERS DAY SALE PRICED: Everything you'll need to make hot sauce at home! A great gift idea and a great…

  • Global Hot Sauce Collection Gift Set


    Variety of different hot sauces Includes some recipes

  • Outdoor Adventures Hot Sauce Series Set


    Hot sauce Outdoor & indoor cooking Outdoor camping

  • Mad Dog 357 Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce, 5oz


    Made with the world's hottest chile pepper, the Bhut Jolokia This is world record killer hot Made in the USA

  • Ass Kickin GS633 Ass Kickin Hot Sauce Challenge Book of Pleasure and Pain


    Contains 12 hot sauces Extreme portions of capsicum extract Healthy and stimulating

  • Ass Reaper Hot Sauce, Bottle


    Net quantity of 5 fluid ounces Comes with a skull on top of the bottle and the black cape to…